Gemini Groom or Bride Two Tone Rose Gold Titanium Couple Wedding Ring Valentine’s Day Gift for Men

Gemini Groom or Bride Two Tone Rose Gold Titanium Couple Wedding Ring Valentine's Day Gift for Men
  • Material: Aircraft Titanium
  • Width:6mm
  • Size: Z2 (we have size M-Z7)

This ring is 18K Rose Gold filled over durable material titanium with special sparkle finishing in the middle look like diamonds, two tone colors, comfort fit design and light in weight which is very comfort to wear.

Titanium is hypoallergenic which means very few people have skin so sensitive that they will react to it – unlike gold or silver where reactions are quite common. Titanium wedding rings, the metal has many uses since it has excellent corrosion resistance due to the fact that when it is scratched or machined, the surface forms a protective oxide layer almost instantaneously. Titanium is as strong as silver but with around half the weight making rings made from this material some of the most comfortable to wear. Also, it will last a lifetime if not seriously abuse with hammers and spanners.
Titanium is a new, popular, exciting material and can be enhanced with gold, platinum, diamonds to keep beautiful wedding always in your mind.

Size Available: Men: Width (6mm) M-Z7 (with half size) Women: Width (4mm) H-W (with half size)
Style: One Wedding Ring
Ring Code: 30030
Weight: 3g each
Color: 18K Rose Gold filled
Material: Titanium

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