Sterling Silver Heart Round “I Love You To The Moon and Back” Pendant Necklace for Mum Daughter Teenage Girls

Sterling Silver Heart Round
  • ◆Good News! Now arrived no-backside-engraved-S925 necklaces, so you can engrave any name on the back!
  • ◆Engraved I Love You To The Moon and Back necklace with moon and stars. Crafted in shiny 925 Sterling Silver Heart Shape, say out your love to your mom or daughter.
  • ◆Pendant’s size: 25.4mmx19.6mm,Item come with 17” Sterling Silver singpore chain. Delicate without being flimsy, just the right length to sit comfortably on the neck.
  • ◆It is small enough to be appropriate for a child or teenager as well as an adult. It could also be given to both male or female.
  • ◆Solid and sturdy pendant, nice to wear in any occasions with any outfit. The necklace suit any age, it is a great gift to Mom,girlfriend,other relative or nice little treat yourself.

Some buyer complained they cannot engrave names on the back as the S925 lies in the middle, now we have the same necklaces without “s925” on the back, so you can engrave your daughter/son/grandaughter’s name on it!
Hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver allows for comfortable wear, especially for those with sensitive skin.

●Heart pendant: 25.4mmx19.6mm, Chain: 17″
●I Love You to the Moon And Back Pendant Necklace Child Mother Gift For Her/Him
●With this beautiful I Love You To The Moon and Back necklace, she will think of that love every time she wears it
●Perfect gift for daughter leaving for college.
●Beautiful gift from a child to a mother
●Prefect gift for Mum,Wife,Girlfriend, Daughter or any your special someone
●Great Christmas gift & Valentines gift for Women/Girl/Teenager

925 Sterling silver, meaning that the composition is of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. This has been found to be a good combination for maintaining the silver’s durability without harming its sparkle.

Caring for Your Sterling Silver Jewelry
Silver should not come into contact with harsh household chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, or chlorine.
To avoid scratches, store silver in a lined jewelry box or pouch, as it is prone to tarnish as it naturally reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the air.
Cleaning and wearing silver jewelry regularly will prevent this and help maintain its shine. Immediately upon noticing any discoloration, use a gentle polish made specifically for removing tarnish.

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